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Autowash Solutions

With over 50 years of combined car wash experience, Autowash Solutions is a supplier of a complete line of car wash equipment. All of our equipment is sold at a wholesale pricing direct to end users and we provide complete turnkey services including installation and service. We sell our equipment in the United States and international markets.

Our product line includes Chemical Dispensing boards; Chemical injector Pumps; Powder Coated Aluminum Foaming and Chemical Image Arches (available in different colors); Mitting Curtains, Top Brushes, Side Washers, Conveyors, Drying Systems and Foaming / Chemical Applicator products.

Phone: 760-346-4706
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Three Injector Chemical Dispensing Board $1954.0


Chemical Board: High Density Plastic; Pre plumbed Chemical Pumps: Water Driven; .03-12gpm; Feed Ratio at 1:500 - 1:100; Operating at 6-140 psi Includes Solenoids/Inlet Filter Chemical Boards: Configured with Single, Double, Triple & Quad pumps.

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