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Poly Pro Systems of America, Inc.

Wobblehead - The game changer

The Wobblehead Foam Brush Handle is gaining momentum in sales and uses around the country and even in Europe. Operators are overcoming their skepticism of “can there really be a product that will stop the foam brush misuse and abuse?” Will the product hold up in the environment and use that a SS car wash is? The answers are a resounding yes. Why, because The Wobblehead is researched, designed, tested and time proven before it was ever put on the market. Thirty six months to be sure. This is a product designed with integrity to withstand the harsh environment and become the silent attendant in the bay. If you want to use me, then pay for that use.

Phone: 734-255-9544
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The Wobblehead Foam Brush Handle $150.0

The Wobblehead foam brush handle locks out the non paying customer. It also assures the paying customers of a continously flushed and well lubricated use.

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