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Custom Carwash Services

Save 40 to 50% on operators cost

Independent contractor for service on all car wash equipment and a chemical distributor for North and South Carolina.

Phone: 910-973-9403
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Pos 4000 with Printer $400.0


Used Pos 4000 with printer in good working condition Email At

New G-5S VFD $400.0


Lenze AC Tech VFD for a G-5S Aoutmatic wash system brand new in box 3ph 240volt 15kw

Refurbished Wash World Washview $900.0

Refurbished Washview for sale. contact Mike @ 910 973 9403

Refurbished Vector E300 $1000.0

Refurbished E300 For Vector Rapid Wash. Contact Mike @ 910 973 9403

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